How I Wore….The Military Coat

Coat – Autograph at Marks & Spencer – Buy It Here / Turtle-neck Jumper – Zara – Buy It Here / Jersey Maxi Skirt – ASOS – Buy It Here / Edie Snakeskin Printed Leather Slippers (Gifted) – Jemima Vine – Buy Them Here / Emeline Bag (Gifted) – L.K. Bennett – Buy It Here / Ring – Bought on holiday in Cornwall

It was my birthday on Tuesday (did I already mention that?) and my lovely husband bought me this beautiful military coat whilst we were on holiday in Cornwall, and do you know what? I didn’t wear it until my actual birthday. It was left untouched hanging in my wardrobe until the day of reckoning, buttons covered with tissue and everything. Brownie points pour moi? Mais oui! If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I saw a lovely coat from Mango, quite similar, but shorter and boxier, which I was pretty sure I would be investing in, until I bumped into this one in Marks & Spencer whilst waiting for the rest of the family during an emergency toilet break. I loved that it was long line and that it had a two-tone collar, similar to the one in Mango with two-tone sleeves. In all honesty, I still thought I preferred the Mango coat whilst fruitlessly procrastinating over this one. That is until I saw many other people I follow on Instagram also investing in the boxy one. The moment I see lots of people chasing after the same thing, turns me right off. To secure the purchase of the M&S coat, I actually asked a friend (this is something I rarely do) and she confirmed my thoughts. M&S all the way. So here it is. And I’m very glad I chose those this one, not only for the Burberry comparison it received, but because of the tailored detail, the ribbed wool-mix, the style and the unique colour, which is more of an olive green than a military green.

And what about my latest iPhone cover? The lovely ladies over at L.K. Bennett donated this to me this week, after I was enquiring about purchasing said cover on Twitter. The reason I love it so, is mainly because of its embroidered pink prettiness, but also because its designed by the one and only Caroline Issa, who will launch an exclusive collection of bags and shoes with L.K.Bennett in February 2013, which is very exciting, since I am a big fan of this multi-talented-super-friendly-stylish lady. (See a picture I took of her during Paris Fashion Week SS12 here) I got to see the collection on Tuesday night during a preview of the SS13 collection and

Before I go, I must also express my adoration for these Edie smoking slippers from Jemima Vine (remember I featured them last week?) – they go with everything. I love wearing them with ripped jeans, with black tapered trousers, with a charcoal Cos maxi dress I recently bought – my first pair of flat shoes in a very long while which make me feel sophisticated and ladylike. Miracles do happen.

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