L.K. Bennett Preview Spring/Summer 2013

Last night I was very lucky enough to have been invited along to L.K. Bennetts Spring/Summer 2013 preview and it certainly was a very lovely night. Before I get onto the beautiful accessories I saw, I would just like to thank everyone at L.K. Bennett for treating me like a birthday princess – I was already having a lovely day, and the welcome and lovely things people were saying were the cherry on the top. Sorry for the gush, but it needed to be said – such a friendly bunch of genuine people!

Ok. Let’s carry on. The L.K. Bennett Spring/Summer collection for 2013 is full of colour, elegance and beauty. It demonstrates perfect capsule wardrobe piece peppered with pieces creating visual drama. The beauty of L.K. Bennett comes in the details – they don’t just finish shoes off with a seam at the heel – they craft a piece of complimentary fabric into a curve, to add contrast and depth. Their shoes aren’t just laser cut, some are die cut, as are their matching bags (by the way, how to tell if something is die cut or laser cut is by look at the edging of the cut out shapes – if its black, from the burning of the laser, its laser cut. If its the same colour as the leather, its die cut or punched out and generally a more regular pattern) The clever designers behind this brand don’t just churn out pieces, they add little details, inside and outside their shoes and bags, not because they have to, because they don’t, but because they want to. I imagine this is one of the (many) reasons Kate Middleton is fan.

Another element of their S/S collection, is their new ‘Vintage’ range. This takes patterns and prints from L.K. Bennett’s archives and breathes life back into them in the form of a modern, updated ultra-floral collection. This collection came about after the brand asked their Facebook followers their opinion about their favourite shoes from past collections and this vintage collection was the result. What a genius way to connect with your audience – not just ask them their opinion, but deliver their word too.

Another one of my favourite elements of the SS13 collection is their new little clasp/buckle design. It isn’t just something someone came up with on a napkin – a branding agency were specifically commissioned to come up with the design of this detail. The heart shapes are actually the ‘B’ from ‘Bennett’ – its not obvious or like some of those monograms which are a little too ‘look-at-me’. But then, this is L.K. Bennett we’re talking about. Always understated elegance with a sophisticated narrative, a brand who respects the original L.K Bennett customer and embraces the new.

All these items will be available Spring/Summer 2013.

The FROME Multi-Lavender Snake Print Leather £225 / The EMMA Lemon Leather £395

The AROA Lemon Leather £245 / The CAPRI Multi Lavender Snake Print Leather £235 / The CORFU Off White Snake Print Leather £210 / The TULUM Emerald Suede £195 / The NINA Multi Lavender Snake Print Leather £225

The ALEXIA Off White Patent Leather £225

The HEXDEN Clay Leather £345

The MALIBU Blush Leather & Satin £275

The FROME Zebra Calf Hair £295 / The CAPRI Zebra Calf Hair £275

The FREDA Clay Leather & Satin £295



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