Winter Essentials – The Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket – Gap – Similar here / Top – H&M / Necklace – Topshop / Wax coated jeans – Zara / Wedge Boots – H&M Buy them here / Cashmere Fingerless Gloves – H&M

You may (or may not) have noticed that its been a little quiet here lately. That’s because I went on holiday over half term and rudely forgot to inform you loyal followers – so I apologise. I should have done the decent thing and at least let you know. Anyway, I’m back now and ready the set the blogging world on fire. Perhaps just with a sparkler.

A couple of weeks ago, in preparation for our holiday to blustery Cornwall, I dug out my trusty puffer jacket from Gap. I must admit though that its two days off being six years old (it was a birthday gift from my husband) (and yes, its my birthday on Tuesday) however its still going strong. Cream isn’t the most practical colour, however, (boring sentence alert) it washes so well, you’d never guess it was so old. I posted a picture of myself on Instagram with the hood up, trussed up like I was heading to Antartica, and it caused quite a stir on both Instagram and Twitter. Fellow friend and blogger Amanda seemed to like it so much she bought one herself that very day, and then a couple of days later, a Twitter follower also ended up purchasing one after seeing the commotion Amanda and myself made on Twitter about the Gap puffer. It probably helped that they had 30% off everything aswell.

As you know, I’m not a practical dresser. Anything that impinges on style is a big fat no for me. I would rather freeze my tootsies off than sacrifice wearing a pair of stilettos in mid-winter. Its crazy I know, but its just the way I am. This coat is as practical as I will get. High on style, high on practicality. Full marks Gap. Whilst on the subject of the practicalities of dressing, I have a pair of fairly expensive walking boots I bought a few years ago which I can’t bring myself to wear. I’d wear them to go up a mountain, but thats a whole different story. But for semi-country living and little sejours to St Michaels Mount (where these pictures were taken) walking boots are a no-no. So, I bought these H&M wedge boots the week before last – they have a little (faux, I imagine) sheepskin around the edging and on the inside and actually have withstood being worn every day to the beach, on hillside and clifftop walks without any scuffing or marking. For £35, they’re a pretty good shoe. You can buy them here, and if you’d like to invest in your very own Puffer jacket like mine, you can buy almost exactly the same one here – this one is a little longer than mine.

One thought on “Winter Essentials – The Puffer Jacket

  1. So glad you Instagram’d that pic! It made my buy that parka and seriously…I’ve been wearing it the whole week! Love those boots too! glad you had a lovely week away and are refreshed and back in blog land…always good to have you here! xx

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