The Christmas Room at My Wardrobe

Is it ok to talk about Christmas yet? I figured perhaps a tentative yes since its 1st November? Not that I’m a Christmas person. I hear you groan but its true. I apologise. Even with children, there is an element of it being somewhat of a chore. I wish it wasn’t the case, really I do, but I simply can’t help it. Actually, saying that, my frosty exterior does melt a little the week just before the day and then I freeze right back up on the 26th when I want to rugby-tackle the tree and press my nose against a cold window to see if I can see any signs of  the clocks changing and the daffodils peeking their yellow-trumpeted noses out of the soil.

Back to Christmas. Browsing through My-Wardrobe’s site (as I like to do on an hourly and daily basis) I came across their Christmas Room, which sounded very intriguing and on clicking further I came across their brilliant gift and Christmas dressing guide.

Complete with falling stars, this page is broken into four sections, to simplify the whole Christmas debacle. Broken down by price, by gender, by event, just inspiration or the genius idea of an email Wishlist. Perfect. I don’t know about you, but I shall be taking full advantage of this necessary service – I think it would be rude not to. Grab yourself a mulled wine (its never too early), pull up a comfy chair and a chunky knitted blanket, get Mariah on your ghetto blaster, and click here to visit My-Wardrobe’s Christmas Room. Think of it as methodical organisation for the sartorial soul.

See more Christmas inspiration from My Wardrobe’s Online Magazine here.

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