The Style Miscellany

Mania Mania is one of my favourite brands of accessories. This body art as part of their ad campaigns is so beautiful. You can see all the images here. Click on the actual image to scroll through them. Their video of this campaign is also eerily beautiful. Click here to see it.

Love this idea for a lookbook and this video is produced to a level of coolness way up high. Have a look at Fashion on BMX Bikes – Tucker Spring 2013 Video Lookbook

Opi painted a horses nails, then made it dance. I know. Weird. worth a look though….for some amazing street dancing if nothing else. See it here.

We all know how much of a Belle & Bunty fan I am, so I thought I’d share these beautiful pictures of their Autumn boutique window. Take a look here.

I had a nice little chat with Jade Williams of Sunday Girl who was DJing on Tuesday night at the launch preview of Rob Pruitts new collection for Jimmy Choo. After chatting with her, I looked up her website and found her brand new video of ‘Love U More’ which is out on December 5th. Have a watch of her video here – not only is she beautiful, she’s clearly very talented. Not jealous at all.

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