Weekend Treats : New In From H&M & Topshop

There come shopping days, which are not very often, where everything is crying out to be bought, and of course, we can’t always buy everything we see. However, when it comes to H&M, sometimes I can’t help myself. I didn’t need two new scarves but these two above I couldn’t leave without. I’ve wanted a snood for a while now, but I was looking for a chunky knit one, but when I saw this whilst I was queuing to pay, it was everything I loved. How pretty is the dip-dye effect on this super-soft neck warmer? And its the most perfect shade of blue. Do you understand my lack of restraint now? I’ve also been looking for a worn-looking denim shirt. I was watching a few on eBay, including a vintage Levis one, which would have been nice but they go for more money than they are on the high street, which is sheer madness. So when I found this one, in H&M, it was the one I’d been looking for. It had two small belt hoops with a tan (probably faux) suede thin leather tie around it, which I snipped off (I can’t bear tops with such additions – most unflattering for everyone) and its slightly long line, therefore perfect for doing the front-tuck. I have leather gloves, and cashmere gloves but no fingerless ones and these fluffy little things are ace for those inbetween days, like today, for example. I did worry I’d look like the street hobo from Santa Clause The Movie, however because of the colour (and a chic manicure) I’m not sure I’m at such a risk. This See By Chloe t-shirt is perfect day-to-day wear. A little 80’s, as my husband told me as I showed him, which didn’t initially strike me, but I kind of see what he means, I fell for the grey zebra stripes and the nice wide neckline (small ones are not so flattering on me unless they’re black). The green animal print scarf is the loveliest shade of emerald green, its wide, long and lightweight – all the things I love about a scarf. There’s nothing worse than a short narrow scarf. And this necklace – again, it was total love at first sight. Do you remember this Shakti necklace from All Saints that I wrote about during the summer? Well, I couldn’t justify the £120 they were asking for at the time however when I saw this Warrior version in Topshop, I knew it was meant to be. I am a sucker for an ethnic-bib necklace. There were a few others that I loved, here and here and I was quite torn between them, but not being one for indecisions, I made my choice and I’m sure I made the right one. By the way, I bought a necklace from H&M a few months back, which you may have seen me wearing on Instagram. I’ve just seen an identical one on Topshop’s website, for a whole lot more money (mine was £8 – this one is £30!) but its here if you want to take a peek.

I also had run out totally (disastrous) of shampoo, conditioners, intensive conditioner, day cream, night cream, hair serum and eyebrow pencil…so some restocking was in order. I’ve not tried the No 7 range of creams before, which are supposedly near miracle workers, so I thought I’d give the Intense Protect and Perfect one a try. This Murad Skin Perfecting Primer in Matte Finish was sent to me this week by Conde Nast (Vogue subscription gift) and I’ve been using it for a few days now. It says its a primer but I’d say its more like a foundation, as its skin coloured (rather than white like my Chanel primer I usually use). Anything which helps and doesn’t look like makeup for me is a no-brainer. I am totally lost without my Mac Eyebrow Pencil. This, for me, is my secret to looking prepped. With light strokes, you can transform your eyebrows in a matter of seconds. I restocked this time with ‘Spiked’ rather than ‘Stud’ which is a teeny bit lighter and now I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, I’m a Moroccan Oil addict and after I ran out, I thought I’d try this new Elvive version. Its a hair oil you can use which ever way you like. On wet hair, damp hair, before straightening/curling, afterwards, the day after and the day after that. My hair never feels greasy after using this even three times between hair washes, but then I never put it on the roots, just lengths and ends. Its a pretty big bottle and so far, its proving to be very similar to Moroccan Oil in its results.

Right…I must dash now. I have another twenty seven jobs to do in the approximate time limit of 17 minutes.

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