Today I’m Loving…wearable construction from Moxham

Anubis £87

Apis Grey £70

Taba £57

I came across Moxham jewellery a few months ago and initially wasn’t too sure how it would look on me. I’ve spent alot of time looking at these pieces over and over…and over, and now, I’m completely smitten. I love how unique this jewellery is. For someone who loves chunky statement jewellery anyway, I can definitely see myself in all of these pieces. I’d keep the outfit simple, so that the Moxham look was the main focal point. Minimal is the key. I can’t wait to see how this bracelet looks…perhaps I’ll treat myself for my upcoming birthday….

See more about Moxham here.

One thought on “Today I’m Loving…wearable construction from Moxham

  1. Oh I’ve never seen anything like these before! They’re so unusual, but they’re gorgeous. I think I’m after the second necklace now…

    I wonder if you’d like to have a look at my little website, I’ve only just started it so it’s still very small! It’s basically a little directory of all my favourite classy shops and what I love about them. If you’d have a look and maybe help me to spread the word that would be amazing!! You can find it at Thank you so much!

    Poppy ♥

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