Prediction S/S13 : The Celine ‘Soft Trio’ Bag

Images via Vogue UK

This post was in my stream of consciousness last week. I promise. I say this because I’ve just been reading the exact same post, by coincidence, on The Man Repeller. I’m not ripping off her idea, because this irritates me beyond belief, its just not something I would do. But I felt strongly about this one, so I’m going ahead with it anyway. I’m sure Leandra won’t mind anyway, especially not when she wears t-shirts like this.

Chanel S/S RTW 11

Anyway, what’s my point. Let me think. Oh yes. These Celine roll-over-wrap-top bag things, more correctly know as ‘The Soft Trio’ which were showcased last week at the Celine Spring Summer 2013 show in Paris. I love them. They’re useful and luxurious. And they’re designed by The Philo for Philophiles, such as me. Well, I’m a wannabe Philophile at present. And anything designed by Phoebe, frankly, is alright with me. This isn’t a particularly new revolutionary idea. Chanel came up with a similar design for the Spring/Summer 2011 ready-to-wear collection. I would never criticize Chanel, because that just wouldn’t be polite, however, I would definitely choose this Celine version over the Chanel interpretation for its ‘I’m-not-trying-to-be-cool-but-really-I-am’ aura it gives out. And I’m sure you must have read about the Jil Sander Menswear version? It was Raf Simons clever way of publicity, I’m sure of it. Although, when I think deeply about this highly important issue, I wonder if its simply a very clever design for a men’s practical bag that doesn’t look, well, camp or man-baggy. With a price of £185, I’m fairly sure this impractical price must have put people off? No. NO? No. It was a sell out. That’s right. Sold out. Everywhere. Incredible. I predict the same for this Celine ‘Soft Trio’. With feminine minimalism getting its sartorial feet under the table, it will only continue to grow into next year with this bag and its minimal features as the perfect spring accessory.

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