Today I’m Loving…The Black Winter Coat

As you already know, because of my constant ramblings about my obsession with outerwear, I now own alot of coats. I have a black denim jacket, an orange pea coat, a camo jacket, a tan blazer, a Marni for H&M jacket, a tuxedo jacket, a fur coat, a faux fur coat, a faux fur gilet, a biker jacket, a trench coat, a poncho, a utility jacket and a couple of practical jackets lacking in style which I prefer not to mention (or be seen in public in). However, I never seem to have enough, and yes, I know this is an example of gluttony almost beyond belief, but its something I simply cannot prevent from happening. I am powerless to a heavy woollen coat, magnetised to a lightweight thrown-on jacket and a blazer is my kryptonite, practically making me fall to the floor in a spasm of materialistic desire. It doesn’t help that Reiss have struck my achilles heel this season with a ridiculous amount of beautiful coats and jackets, all of which I already have a justification for each one to fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. The only problem, of course, is that I don’t happen to have a spare £1000 to spend on coats, nor do I have a Clueless/Princess Diaries style wardrobe. Yet. Another fairly valid point is that this selection of coats are ‘forever’ coats. So classic and stylish (yet on trend) that if you bought one of these, its pretty likely it will still fit into your wardrobe in ten years time, without dating, not even by a day and can be worn with practically everything you have in your wardrobe. Um. Oh yeah. Apart from those baggy joggers you shouldn’t even be thinking about right now. Yes, you. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. Though, whilst I think about it, actually, I take it back. These coats are so cool, I’m going to put myself out there and go as far to say they would even make those joggers look good. I wouldn’t advise it though. Leave your sloppy clothes for duvet days and wear these Reiss coats with style and pride. I certainly would.

Reid Relaxed Coat / £350


Violetta Fitted Peacoat / £225


Laurent Panelled Overcoat / £250


Lois Oversized Jacket / £245


Marbella Fit & Flare Coat / £265


Sally Navy Blanket Hem Jacket / £225

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