Five of the best ankle boots to wear with white jeans.

After seeing this image this week from Vogue Paris, it was an autumn/winter look I hadn’t considered. White jeans with a navy coat. I guess the coat doesn’t have to by navy though it looks very classic and easy to wear in this colour. With a fishermans knitted sweater underneath, its the perfect seasonal outfit. But then I wondered….what would I wear on my feet? Black boots may look too harsh with white jeans but I’d be willing to give these Acne Pistol boots a try…but I also found a few lovely muted options, which I think I much prefer. I’m so in love with these mink colours. Tan are always a good classic colour to own but I’m definitely being magnetised towards neutrals. Plus I’m finding it difficult to choose between the Ash boots and the LK Bennett boots…decisions, decisions.

Acne Black Pistol Ankle Boots at / Ash Taupe Jalouse Brushed Suede Ankle Boots at / Pied A Terre Osho Boots / Cara Lace-Up Suede Ankle Boot at LK Bennett / Zipped Cowboy Ankle Boot at Zara


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