Little House On The Prairie

Poncho – H&M ; Black T-shirt – H&M ; Jeans – Gap ; Hat – H&M ; Chelsea Boots – eBay (scuffed up by myself) ; Rings – Accessorize and Venice

I bought this poncho from H&M at the beginning of the year because I loved it. Its so easy to wear, comforting and practical. Ponchos traditionally doubled up as blankets to sleep under at night in the depths of the desert, as well as something to sit on whilst riding a horse. Practical and stylish..hmmm, now theres a sentiment I can get along with and you can’t say that about many things.

You may or may not have noticed there is a bit of a Western trend on the high street at the moment and thats all thanks to Lady Marant. Yet again, she strikes gold with her incredible ability to design a cooler than cool collection to lust after. You don’t have to look like you just stepped out of 1920’s America. Just mix up this micro-trend with classic pieces or wear the jewellery with an all black outfit and a hat, saddle up and off you go.

Little House On The Prairie



Lauren By Ralph Lauren Bridle Poncho Shawl With Buckle / Reiss Birkin Kick Flare / Topshop Spray Feather Collar / Oasis Stud Western Shirt / Oasis Tip Collar Denim Shirt / Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren Checked Shirt / Bertie Proudlock Leather Boots / Topshop Proudlock Stud Western Boots / Isabel Marant Berry Embroidered Boots / Topshop Feather & Spike Earrings / Topshop Box Chain Lariat Necklace


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