Long line lapels.

Coat – ASOS at Once Worn Twice Loved ; Shirt – Zara ; Jumper – H&M ; Jeans – Zara ; Brogues – Office. Similar here.

This coat I bought from Once Worn Twice Loved by ASOS is my new favourite piece of outerwear. Its long line, with long lapels, made of wool and is the perfect shade of tomato red, though can look a lovely shade of orange in certain lights. I wore it to London Fashion Week, with a super-girly outfit, and this week I’ve been wearing it a totally opposite androgynous way, probably a reaction to the lack of comfort I experienced with my choices of outfits during LFW, something I probably shouldn’t admit to and frankly, wouldn’t change, because I think if you’re comfortable during occasions such as fashion week, then there’s something wrong.

The only feminine aspect of this outfit was this vintage diamante necklace peeking out from underneath the collar of this Zara blouse, one of my favourite pieces of my wardrobe. Perfectly wearable, perfectly comfortable, perfectly anti-LFW.


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