Jil Sander S/S 13 / Minimal Perfection

Jil Sander’s latest Spring/Summer 2013 collection presented this week during Milan Fashion Week, saw the first collection since the re-entrance of Jil Sander herself, after working with Uniqlo for the last three years, after the exit of Creative Director Raf Simons to the House of Dior.

With influence taken from a 3D perspective, Jil Sanders designs showed slight androgyny brought back to femininity using accentuated shapes tailored away from yet around the body, drawn in at all the right places. Crisp, fresh whites were all the more bright with faces kept dewy, simple and delicate, exactly how they needed to be to reflect Jil Sanders beautifully and immaculately constructed garments in the minimalistic glory they deserved.

With almost no regard for seasonal colours throughout fashion month so far, Jil Sanders colours were bold and fuss free. She creates implicit modern lines, painfully classic style and literally a capsule of clothing I would contentedly wear on a daily basis. With at least one outfit change.

(Images via Vogue)


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