The Fold London / Three Dresses / Three Looks

Something For The Weekend : Amanda is wearing The Firenze in Bonfire with a Tusting Travel Bag ; I wore The Firenze in Moss with The Fold London Flinders Belt in Caramel with a Tusting Quinton Satchel with a Sushilla Candy Ring in Black Onyx and my own hat.

Something For The Weekend : Amanda wears same as above with Rockport Suede & Leather Riding Boots ; I’m wearing the same as above with Rockport Shearling & Leather Ankle Boots (Available at the South Molton Street Store)

Social Butterfly : Amanda wears Le Marais Capsule Long Sleeve Tunic & Trousers in Black ; Beth wears The Camelot in Jacqueline Lace ; I’m wearing The Rockefeller in Merlot

Social Butterfly : I’m wearing The Rockefeller in Merlot with the Flinders Belt in Black Patent and Tusting Clutch with Rockport Aubergine Leather Peep-Toe Pumps (Available at the South Molton Street Store)

Power Hour : I’m wearing The Bond Street Dress in Navy Leather , Grey Blazer by 5 Inch and Up for Nelly, Presia Shooties by Rockport, Tusting Clutch in Grey with the Isla bracelet by Alice Menter.

Power Hour : Amanda wears The Mulholland in Amethyst, the Kimbolton Leather Tote in Raspberry and Suede Peep-Toe Pumps from Rockport ; Beth wears Le Marais Blouse in Ivory, the Maddox skirt in Stone and Presia Tied Mary Jane Shoes with the Chloe Collar by Alice Menter  ; I’m wearing the same as above.

Last week, I was lucky enough to have been invited along with Amanda, The Online Stylist and Beth Goodrham, Personal Stylist, to the offices of Push PR to a styling event with The Fold London. We were tasked with styling three looks using our choice of dresses designed by the clever people behind The Fold London, to show the versatility of these truly beautiful dresses. The three looks were Power Hour, Social Butterfly and Something For The Weekend and with the addition of Tusting bags, Alice Menter and Sushilla Jewellery and Rockport shoes, our looks were complete. Later on in the afternoon, the winners of The Fold’s ‘Feel Fabulous’ competition joined us to be styled by Amanda, Beth and myself for each of the three looks. We then wandered around Exmouth Market, posing, pouting and general smouldering at the camera and these are the results. To see more images, click here to visit The Fold London’s Facebook page. All dresses are available to buy here.

Thank you so much to Kathy and Polly of The Fold London, Kat and Emma of Push PR, Leah (the make up artist), Grace (the photographer) and Amanda & Beth for a fabulo-so afternoon of girly chats, fizz and tomfoolery!

10 thoughts on “The Fold London / Three Dresses / Three Looks

  1. You all look soooo lovely in these pics! LOVE.
    I got told off at work today for the no sleeves in my blazer look today! They dont know what fashion is!! X

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