London Fashion Week S/S13 Streetstyle


Susie Bubble 

Jameela Jamil

Today was day two of London Fashion Week and what another amazing day its been. Somerset House and the surrounding area of Covent Garden has been alive with an atmosphere of fashion and style you could cut with a Louboutin heel. Everywhere you turn, there are people dressed in a sophisticated manner, retro, bohemian, gothic, minnie mouse, outrageously and just plain stylishly. Of course LFW was made for this reason. A celebration of fashion. A place for likeminded people to come together to appreciate an art form. It truly is a sight to behold and one I feel so fortunate to be witnessing.

I’ve been to a few shows over the last two days, which I’ll write up and edit my photos when I have a little bit more time to breath. I’m so childishly excited to show you what I’ve been up to. In the meantime, here are some street style photos I snapped yesterday and today. I’m back to London for another full day tomorrow and another late night. By Monday, I’ll be panda-eyed and zombiefied…..but I know it’ll be worth it. For now, I’m ready to fall into a deep fashion-infused slumber.


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