If you buy one thing this autumn….invest in a hat.

I fully intended on scouring the internet for numerous hat options to present you with today, however when I took at look at Reiss’ hat selection (thanks to Style On The Couch), quite honestly, there is no need to shop elsewhere. They have it all (see above). Wide-brim hats, the trilby, the fedora, the beret. I need them all in my life. I do own a fair number of hats, my favourite being an orangey red trilby but I’ve noticed a gap in my collection for a camel-hued wide brim and a black trilby.

A hat can be worn to cover up a bad hair day, or freshly washed hair. It can be worn to complete an outfit. Or, it can be worn for the reason it was no doubt invented for, for the sensible, practical reason of keeping your head worn. Another bonus is that a hat doesn’t have to be expensive. You can pick something up for less than £10 on eBay, or I found this one and this one at Miss Selfridge which is definitely worth investing in.

For me, its Reiss all the way and Reiss, if you’re reading this, its my birthday soon….

And if you’re wondering who the beautiful lady above is, its Gala Gonzalez, blogger and DJ extraordinaire, who by sheer coincidence (honestly), is guest editing for Reiss during NYFW. Take a look here at her top picks for Reiss this season and at her blog here.

One thought on “If you buy one thing this autumn….invest in a hat.

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