First Days of Autumn Call For Long Snuggly Nights In


Poncho – £80 / Stripe Pyjamas – £49.50 / Silk Nightie – £60 / Fine Knit V Neck Jumper – £49.50 / Cashmere Beret – £30 / Moss Stitch Snood £59.50 / Fine Knit Wristwarmers – £49.50Long Harem Trousers – £49.50


I’m sat here, in my kitchen, writing this post, and its 8:12 pm. Outside it is practically dark. How on earth did this come around so quickly? Normally, I’m ready for Autumn, craving fish bowls of vin rouge in front of the log burner with The Holiday on telly. But I’m not quite ready for chilly mornings and long, dark nights yet. I suppose thats because we had a bit of an odd summer, with all those jet streams causing adverse pressure therefore bringing us rainy day after rainy day. Either it was scientific, or it was the moment that silly person informed us we were experiencing a terrible drought. That’s like smugly announcing ‘oh, our children always sleep all night’ or ‘Isn’t it amazing that Rihanna has stayed at number one with ‘Umbrella’ for so long?’ The message here? Don’t speak too soon. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

So Autumn. Times of strolls down leafy avenues, winding down to hibernation before that ridiculous frenzy of Christmas strikes us down like a bolt of lightening. I like nothing better than soft, comfortable and stylish attire to parade around my house in, pretending I’m one of those Scandinavian models who permanently has a cup of tea in their hand wearing fingerless gloves, pensively gazing into the distance of a pine forest. Either that or avoiding spilling sausage casserole down my cashmere jumper whilst clipping my whiny children around the ear. That’s real life for me, I’m afraid. But at least with these beautiful clothes above, all from Hush, I can do it in style and warmth if I so wish.

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