Ballet Neck Boxy Tunic in Liquid Shine by EILEEN FISHER ; Skinny Black Jeans – H&M ; Leopard Print Shoes – ASOS ; Cuffs – H&M ; Carousel Andaman Olive Green Necklace in Gold Vermeil – Azendi London

This Ballet Neck Boxy Tunic by EILEEN FISHER has been named Liquid Shine, quite literally I believe, because that’s what its made of. Actually, its made of Italian yarn, but lets just pretend liquid shine does exist. It’s super comfortable, easy to wear (I was tempted to wear a leopard print scarf with it but thought that may be slight animal-print overkill). It’s the perfect transitional item, to take us from Summer to Autumn without feeling too covered up but enough sleevage to prevent the chill in the air which may otherwise warrant a heavy granny cardy. These leopard print shoes are a recent purchase of mine, and they are my new favourite shoes. Even better that they were in the summer sales and that they match perfectly with this beautifully made tunic top. I can wear this in winter, under a black blazer or wool coat and I know it would still stand out even then, because of the drape, cut and shimmery Italian liquid shine.

I actually wanted to post this earlier in the week, but after chatting with a neighbour for too long (I’m prone to this happening) the light faded and the photos were too grainy to do the jumper any justice. However, here is an outtake…..and yes, I tried wearing this with leather trousers. How controversial am I? The reason for me using this image (apart from me looking like a whole other person who is a stone lighter) is because here, I tucked the front of the jumper into the trousers and it shows how beautifully the top drapes and folds in the light. I actually prefer it tucked in, if I’m pushed off the fence. And if I was lean enough to carry off skinny leather trousers, then that is how I would wear this tunic.

EILEEN FISHER very kindly sent me this top as a gift so I would like to say a massive thank you to them. And if you too like this tunic top as much as I do, then don’t miss the giveaway of the very same one (not the one off my back, sadly, as this is a keeper) next week right here. I bet you’ll come back now, won’t you……

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