‘Carretera Secundaria’ in Vogue Spain August 2012

If I get a chance to get my hands on a copy of another countrys’ edition of Vogue, I throw myself at it. Like I did when I found this copy of Vogue Espana whilst we were away on holiday. I can understand a little Spanish however the universal language of fashion means that I need not worry about understanding the words because I can translate the images just fine. I love the differences between Vogue UK, Paris and Spain. All the editions truly represent their country of origin and Spain is no different. Its edgy in a really cool kind of way and, like Paris Vogue, it shows alot more boobies than our British Vogue, representing what we already know about us British people, that we are so much more reserved that our pan-European counterparts.

This feature shown above called ‘Carretera secundaria’, featuring Malgosia Bela, photographed by Greg Kadel and styled by Havana Lafitte, directly translates as ‘Secondary Route’ as the feature is about a road trip through the back roads of the US, showcasing new trends of A/W 2012. I was mesmerised by this feature whilst I was away for many reasons, perhaps one of those reasons was that we were on our own road trip….though regretfully the similarity ends there. I love the square format of the images on an A4 page, I love the simplicity of the layout, ie outfit description on the white background, rather than over the image, the styling is perfection, kept simple, relaxed allowing the clothes to speak for themselves. I love the addition of a man, allowing the story of the editorial to feel more real. The photography is so, so cool….its almost rough around the edges, so cleverly shot and perfect for this story. Everything about this editorial is sublime. The shadow across the models eye on the Balmain page (a black and white image) could have failed and looked like a mistake, but has been done flawlessly, allowing the beautiful Malgosia to be a secondary part of the image, making the look the focal point, which can often not be the case in editorials. My favourite page? Hard to choose one, so it would have to be McQueen, Celine, Dior, Valentino and Proenza Schouler….legendary.

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