Ex-govt French Camouflage Jacket & Baseball Cap – Castles Hardware / T-Shirt – ASOS / Vintage Levi Short – Gone Retro / Shoes – Converse / Necklace – Forever 21 / Watch – Storm / Bracelet – DIY

Let me loose in a hardware shop and this is what happens. For a while, I’ve been eyeing up a camouflage jacket in our local town, after I stumbled across an army-surplus section at the back of the shop. It was like stumbling upon vintage gold. This jacket is ex-government French army and cost a whole £10. Remarkably, its a small size, as most of the other used jackets, were huge. I didn’t fancy a new one – this one is soft and has been washed a number of times so has a touch of vintage fade to it, although its not that old (it says 1996 on the label). Keeping other items simple, this jacket is, without doubt, one of my new favourites. I’ve been dreaming up outfits for London Fashion Week with it as the key piece already, using luxurious finishing touches for a more elegant look, which is definitely achieveable.

I also picked up this hat, which before I’d even got home, I’d attempted to rub the edges of it with my husbands ceramic knife, in an attempt to make it look a bit rough and ready. I won’t wear this together with the jacket, otherwise I will definitely look like I’m trying to pull off the look of Private Benjamin. The vintage Levi shorts I also picked up from Gone Retro that same day, perfect for the summer holidays.

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