Belle & Bunty

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Belle & Bunty boutique over in Kentish Town for tea and cake and girlie chats. I’ve known of Belle & Bunty for a while after a short course I took at the London College of Fashion about four years ago, in Fashion Journalism. The course tutor was Toby, who was a partner of a business called Belle & Bunty. I remember being slightly starstruck at the time, after a little bit of celebrity name dropping and an all-round likeable course tutor. Shortly after the course ended, I found out I was pregnant with my little boy and I said farewell to my plans for merging into some kind of fashion world. Until I started my blog last October. Its funny how things turn out.

Belle & Bunty, (the name derives from their childhood nicknames) is a clothing range designed by Alice Shreeve and Hannah Coniam-Thompson. Known for their illustrated printed silk, bold, striking colours and sophisticated super-girly designs, Belle & Bunty create two Ready-To-Wear collections a year and have presented their unique designs at London Fashion Week. They also have an incredible range of wedding dresses, which were designed after both Hannah and Alice became brides themselves. They designed their own dresses, because they could, and now this bridal collection makes up a good part of their fashion business, which is a clever business move.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Alice on this occasion, but Hannah was friendly, accommodating and modest when chatting to me about their slice of fashion history they’ve experienced so far. Clearly gifted with vision, creative talent and a strong belief in what they want to achieve, Belle & Bunty are definitely worth keeping on the fashion radar. They started producing their clothes in India, after an opportune moment presented itself, but then relinquished manufacturing control and brought the production over to the UK, where their clothes are  now handmade in London, a huge unique selling point which should be emphasised.

The shop they now run on Brecknock Road, was once entirely their studio until fairly recently when they decided it would be a perfect showcase for their designs. Aswell as their own clothing, they also stock other brands of accessories, such as Clara Francis’ handmade jewellery. So unique, it almost looks digital and fits perfectly with the Belle & Bunty brand, which is something which is so obvious when you meet Hannah and that is something alot of people find hard to achieve, if ever. Take a look at their world. I’m sure you’ll agree.

You can find out more about Belle & Bunty here. They’re also on Instagram and are definitely worth following for daily bursts of girly photographic magic.

Thank you for having me, Belle & Bunty!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Hannah is super-stylish. Check out her amazing Louboutin shoes! I think I need these in my life too.

One thought on “Belle & Bunty

  1. I did a piece on Belle & Bunty’s wedding dress collection so it’s really nice to see the other strings to their bow! Great clothes and love the shop interior, need to get me some of those shoes too!

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