Bouclé & Lace

Jacket – Milly NY ; Lace Top – Forever 21 ; Waxed Jeans – Zara ; Shoes – Bertie ; Bracelets – Chamilia ; Turquoise Ring – Vintage ; Flower Ring – Miss Selfridge ; Earrings – H&M

I was recently given this Milly New York jacket as a kind gesture for a job I did for someone I know. I was intending on buying it from them, but they kindly gave me it instead – I’m so grateful! I love this jacket, I’d fancied having a bouclé jacket and was always tempted by the Zara ones (of course a Chanel one would the ultimate bouclé jacket but I’m thinking thats quite unlikely in this lifetime). I also bought this lace top earlier in the week from Forever 21. I instantly loved it, which, for me, is the only sign that counts. I also tried a cream one on which was lovely, but I was sold by the the mint green colour of this one. I love the contrast of the black and mint green with this outfit. I don’t really wear black jeans in the summer, but on this occasion, I thought this look worked really well. A bouclé jacket can look old-fashioned and preppy and I knew I definitely didn’t want this kind of look. Mixing it up with a high pair of heels, the lace top and a few statement accessories makes the look younger and dare I say, a little edgy?

Oh, and on another note, I won the Azendi London Blogger Showdown on Friday! Thank you to every lovely one of you who voted for me, I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m off to collect my little prize later in the week, so stay tuned to see what I picked! And for all of you who did vote for me, I’m going to be doing a giveaway….so if I get in touch with you, then you’ll know why!

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