In Love with Chloé

Chloe Shoes

Chloé platform shoes / Chloé high heel shoes / Chloé flat shoes / Chloé wedge heels / Chloé leather sandals

As a huge lover of Chloe and a huge lover of tan shoes, I chose to divulge with you, my fantasy of an entire Chloe shoe wardrobe. 

Chloe shoes are simple, beautifully cut, classic in their style with small details adding a perfect finishing touch. Its guaranteed that every season, I could happily purchase (with no conscience or negative consequence) every pair of shoes from the new Chloe collection. 

The Chloe Susan Boots adopted a little of the Isabel-Marant frenzy – they became hugely popular and as a result, very hard to get hold of and its easy to see why. For me, I don’t think they look like Chloe shoes, unlike the shoes above, which all have the Chloe look. That’s not a bad thing, just an observation. I’d still happily have a pair of these and if I could choose, it’d be the cream pair, as seen on Caroline Blomst below.

To see the new Autumn/Winter 2012 range of Chloe shoes, click here

Images via Pinterest.

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