Style Obsessed With Christine Centenara

Christine Centenara, fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia, is the epitomy of simple, luxurious dressing. She wears uncomplicated outfits, alot of monochrome and high-quality fabrics. Her style is my favourite. Those fashion editors always nail this look, just like Emmanuelle Alt. Sophisticated, unintentional and carefree.

Aswell as being Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia, Christine Centenara is a stylist and creative consultant to Kanye West, Ksubi and Dion Lee. Her boyfriend, Josh Goot, is a fashion designer in his own right, in Australia and clearly has some influence over her style choices. Either that, or they’re both totally in tune with each other. She claims to not take long in getting ready to go out, and I’d go with that. Her loose long hair is rarely styled apart from in a slightly off-centre parting, still slightly groomed but she gets the balance perfect. Not scruffy, not too polished. And its that old clichee, anything you try too hard with, just isn’t going to work.

Her trademark look is alot of black, big shoulders, leather and sheer fabrics with some almighty heels to finish the look. Oh yeah, and a pair of Ksubi sunnies. Well, she is Australian after all. The sun does shine there. Hard to believe it actually exists.

The word is that Christine Centenara is in her late twenties or maybe now even thirty years old. Almost too hard to believe and almost too good to be true. There doesn’t seem to be alot of information around on this stylish lady, allowing her to remain elusive and all-the-more mysterious, but I’d definitely put her in the Super-Stylists-Squad (I just made that up) along with Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld , Jane How and Grace Coddington. We’re building up a nice little list here of super-stylists, I’m loving every minute.

Images via Street Peeper, Stockholm Street Style, Citizen Couture and Pinterest.

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