My Carven Crush.

Photos by Aimee Rudd

Striped top – H&M ; Neckaces – H&M ; Skirt – Carven from Doyles Designer Fashion ; Watch – Storm ; Shoes – Boutique 9 from Shopbop

A few weeks ago, I went into Doyles, a haven of womens designer fashion local to where I live for a little browse, a little dream, and a big chat with the lovely ladies who work there. As I walked into the shop, I almost had one of those epiphany moments but it wasn’t an epiphany. It love at first sight for a Carven skirt. Literally. I picked it off the rail, held it up, twizzled it around so I could see its beauty from all angles and then imagined myself making a huge purchase. I tried it on, hoping it would look awful, but it fit me, like Cinderella’s glass slipper. It was supposed to be mine. However, and this is a big however, I wasn’t quite in the right frame of mind to spend £310. Not for a skirt and not for a skirt I had not planned on buying. So, with my head held low, like a naughty school child, I moped out of the shop and tried to stop big, bulgy tears from popping out of my eyes.

A few weeks later, I received a tweet from the lovely Natasha from Doyles, informing me their sale was starting and it was like being prodded by the fashion Devil. Up to 40% off. That was it. I was going to battle. But then, other more important family stuff cropped up, and my trip to Doyles was off for that week. The saga goes on….then I got another tweet from Natasha, prodding me again, saying the Carven skirt was waiting for me with 50% off. By this point, I’d had enough of this ridiculous temptation presenting itself to me. I took myself off to Doyles, tried the beauty on again, then exchanged half the original price of cash with said skirt. Yes, I know. Still a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a skirt, however I can justify this to you. It’s Carven. Its exquisitely tailored. It was half price. It’s a classic skirt which I shall wear until I am 101. And it’s Carven. And it was half price. It was a dilemma but I know I made the right choice.

2 thoughts on “My Carven Crush.

  1. Fab and not only will you wear this until you’re 101, but you can wear it for seasons other than just summer until you’re 101 …!

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