Today I’m Wearing…

After some encouragement from blog readers this week to post more outfits, I’ve plucked up some courage and will be taking this bull by the horns! This morning, I thought I’d just wear whatever, as later today, I’ve been invited to Azendi in London to take part in a blogger showdown, where myself and nine other bloggers will be styling jewellery pieces, so will be changing whatever I wear this morning. It’ll be covered on Facebook and Twitter and then you get to vote for your favourite look! I’m slightly anxious, I don’t quite know what to expect but I’ll be meeting up with some other bloggers I’ve not yet met in person but have been following for some time via Twitter, which will be fun. I’ve not yet decided what to wear – the moment I put too much thought into it, it won’t work, much like this outfit below, which just came together.

Vest – Marks & Spencer ; Skirt – See by Chloe ; Shoes – Park Lane via Once Worn Twice Loved ; Necklace – John Lewis ; Watch – Storm

Todays outfit just came together. I actually thought I’d wear a grey marl t-shirt with a black skirt, but when I opened my wardrobe, I saw my See by Chloe skirt that I bought earlier in the year and realised I hadn’t worn it in a while. Then, when choosing my necklace, I caught a glimpse of this necklace my mum bought me at the beginning of the year, again which I haven’t worn in a while and thought the colours went perfectly with the skirt and contrasted nicely with the vest. On the drop off to school this morning, I wore my Utility Jacket from Zara over the top, which pretty much goes with everything in my wardrobe. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

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