Mac Me Up

Yesterday played another part in the next step towards rectifying my semi-mid-life-crisis. I went to visit the Mac counter near to where I live, to see what they could teach me. I went knowing three things – I wanted to be able to create an everyday smoky eye, that wasn’t too dramatic but enough to give my eyes some definition, I wanted to start wearing red lipstick and I wanted to perfect the under-eye area.

I booked my makeover a couple of weeks ago for £30, and this was redeemable against purchases made at that appointment. The beautiful Analisa who made me over listened to everything I said, which I was anxious about, since I once had a bad experience at the Bobbi Brown counter once and went off busying herself finding all sorts of lovely products to use. I looked utterly terrible when I arrived, I’m pretty sure they would’ve given me my money back and made me up for free I looked that bad. This didn’t last long when Analisa got busy with her magic brushes. Soon I was looking refreshed, like I’d been reborn. She taught me a new way of creating a day time smoky eye, using two eyeshadows, Kid and Cork, and some highlighting powder. She taught me how to set my make-up properly. And she made me brave enough to try Ruby Woo, the infamous matte red lip shade.

After an hour long appointment, she grabbed a large pad, and created another masterpiece, so that I could re-create the look at home and also so I had a lovely long shopping list of products she used. I already have a few Mac products, so didn’t have to buy too much on this occasion, although I will definitely be back to buy more, especially the brushes.

(Dodgy photo of me – apologies)

The red lip shade, Ruby Woo (Jameela Jamil, Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani are all fans, by the way, so far is proving to be controversial, dividing opinions of people I meet right down the middle. Of course, wearing red lipstick in the daytime is a very personal choice, but its worth being brave. Its such a beautiful colour and would be a shame to keep it for special occasions because after all, we only live once.

4 thoughts on “Mac Me Up

  1. You look great ! I’ve worn Ruby Woo EVERY day for about 6-7 yrs I love it – if I don’t wear it now my husband/friends ask if I’m sick /tired! Stick with it!

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