Victoria Beckham & Her Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons Cape Trench Coat

For a few years, I wasn’t a Victoria Beckham fan. I couldn’t bear the media coverage she was attracting but most of all, I couldn’t understand why she never smiled. Anyway, time has moved on and so has she and so much for the better. Since putting her hand (or someone elses, not sure which) to paper to design her own Ready-To-Wear collections, I have gained a large amount of respect for her. In addition, her own style has been toned down, it’s alot more sophisticated and understated and she’s in the media less. She’s more about quality, not quantity now.


(images via Daily Mail)

Today, she has been featured in the press wearing a Junya Watanabe for Commes Des Garcons Cape Trench Coat and without wanting to gush, looks amazing. Simply worn with a pair of black ankle boots, although not so summery (whatever that means) I think she wears it perfectly. 

Its a highly flattering trench cape, with the sleeves at the back being stitched in at an angle making the waist look tiny, even if you’re not. 

 You can buy the same cape trench here from Barneys if you wish. It’s definitely an investment piece, withstanding any trends since its essentially a trench coat. 
Or you could go for a version which is alot cheaper from La Redoute, though I prefer the Commes Des Garcons model.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham & Her Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons Cape Trench Coat

  1. Although to not shop for a long while I had to splurge on this coat after seeing it on Victoria. Luckily it was 60%off, but $750 is still a splurge for me at this point.

  2. Oh to be mine!!! Here in Australia, we also obsessed over it. I just missed out on it at net-a-porter and Barneys seem all sold out also. Oh please! Anyone in the world know where I may still purchase one at any price????
    Warmest VB thanks!

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