Float Like A Butterfly

Palazzo Pants – New York Laundry at TK Maxx ; T-Shirt – H&M ; Scarf – ‘Wing’ by Slices London at Harvey Nichols ; Cuffed Red Sandals – Next ; Faux Malachite Necklace – F21 ; Earrings – Accessorize ; Watch – DKNY.

I love how you can take one item and work a whole outfit around it. This scarf by Slices London is the piece I based my outfit around today, for its floatiness and for its natural beauty. Although it’s a black scarf and you may be thinking ‘A black scarf? On a Summers day? Suicide.’ Well, actually, its very cool(in a temperature kind of way) because its made from 100% silk and it adds another dimension to an otherwise fairly plain outfit. I’m a big scarf fan, I think its because I love to hide behind them and this one is no exception. Slices London are visual time capsules, remixing antique microscopic samples of plants, flowers and insects. This particular one I picked because it is a microscopic section of a butterfly wing from c.1890 and is aptly named ‘Wing’ and I have a huge connection with butterflies. Previous to this blog, I had a art and design blog and much of the work I focused on was around butterflies for the most obvious reason that they are such things of beauty!

On a balmy day like today, floaty trousers are perfect and with a bright print, the black t-shirt plays down the outfit making it perfect for the daytime.

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