Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum – Not for the weak.

Over the weekend, Lois, a very good friend from waaaaaay back, and I visited the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum in London. The exhibition, curated by Donna Loveday (and an exceptional job she did too, I might add) celebrates 20 years of the French shoe designer, who claims to have been inspired by his travels across Morocco, Mexico, Egypt and plenty of other places he’s been fortunate enough to have visited.

If you’ve seen two of my favourite films Moulin Rouge and Amelie, then you may also find many similarities, as I did, with this exhibition. It was dark, dramatic, eccentric, theatrical and full of naughtiness. Without wishing to stereotype French artisan men, it was clear to see that Monsieur Louboutin’s unique style was unmistakably French and I giggled quietlylike an embarrassed school-girl to Lois  on reading that he has a trapeze in his home where he likes to feel the air beneath him, whilst he floats aimlessly.

The shoes were incredible and the ‘Do Not Touch’ signs were like booby-traps everywhere, when the natural instinct as a female is to pick up shoes and kiss admire them. Some shoes were not at all wearable yet still beautiful and the ones which were wearable were unique, genius and works of art, of course.

One of the most amazing features of the exhibition was the burlesque tease danced by none other than a hologram of her ladyship with the tiny waist and 40’s allure, Dita Von Teese. It was near impossible to imagine that the holographic image of her dancing in front of us was not actually her. With every graceful move she made, tiny little bubbles floated out like bubbles from her fingers, which disappeared with a little ‘pop’ before more bubbles appeared. Burlesque dancing is always mesmerising, however not quite as captivating as this gifted lady in the presence of hundreds of pairs of history-making shoes.

As someone who writes a fashion blog, I found it hugely frustrating that I couldn’t take any photos, so I apologise for not being able to show you my view of the exhibition, here and on Instagram (as I had promised I would on Twitter). Instead, I found a few images from various magazines who were privileged enough to have been at the museum to see the show before it was open to the public.

After heading for lunch to Asia De Cuba within St Martins Lane Hotel, we went shopping. And did alot of shopping. At one point, I almost didn’t try on some clothes for fear of not getting my shoes back on, but the slave that I am, this wasn’t quite enough to stop me.













Arriving home at 9:45pm after leaving the house in the morning at 8:45am, I was totally pooped, but it truly was the perfect day – Lois, Louboutin, London and Liberty, four of my most favourite things. How much luckier can a girl get.

Images via Design Week and Stylist Magazine 

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