I haven’t posted any Instagram images in a while, so here are a few from the last few weeks. I love how Instagram images can give viewers an insight into another part of someone’s life. If you’re on Instagram, come and find me! My username is @frillsandfeathers.

My new old 1972 VW Beetle, a surprise waiting for me outside our house.

I love these colours together. I wore this outfit earlier last week.

One of the most beautiful shops I’ve ever shopped in.

Another eBay win. A pair of Dune suede ankle-cuffed sandals.

Forever 21 is the best place for statement jewellery at such good prices. I bought this yesterday in London.

This L’Eau De Chloe fragrance is my new favourite. Its so unique, so fresh, so feminine.

The reception of St Martins Lane Hotel, where my lovely friend and I had lunch at Asia de Cuba, a fusion of Asian and Cuban flavours funnily enough!

The most beautiful specimen of one of favourite stones, Malachite, at the Natural History Museum.

After getting home super-late yesterday from a marathon day out in London, I arrived home to find my new Slices silk scarf had arrived in the mail. This part of the wing of a butterfly couldn’t be more appropriate, as I’ll explain later in the week. This photo doesn’t do the scarf justice here, because it is huge! It’s at least 1.5 metres squared and I adore it.

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