What Would I Wear….To the Christian Louboutin Exhibition

I came across clothing company Rika today. Rika are based in Amsterdam and was set up in 2005 by Ulrika Lundgren, who was previously a stylist. The brand is described as being a bit rock’n’roll mixed with romantic vintage and the clean Scandinavian aesthetic the designer grew up with. What I liked most about the brand was its laid-back style and its stars. Stars feature on many of their pieces, and who doesn’t love seeing stars.

I so much prefer baggy tops with shorts….baggy jumpers, loose mens shirts, baggy t-shirts and this jumper with these patterned silky shorts looks perfect. And as for wedge trainers. Well, at first, I liked them, especially, of course, the Isabel Marant pair (which, after a lot of procrastinating over, I’ve come to the conclusion they’re a little too bulky for my liking), but I never saw myself wearing them. I thought they were too high-trend, not worth spending £150 on for them to only last a season. However, when I was in Doyles last week, I picked up the Ash pair below and fell for them and its actually the colours of this pair which are what inspired me to write this post. They add a touch of sport-luxe to this outfit, they don’t dress it up, but adding height, make the whole ensemble stand out. With a pair of bronzed legs and a loose backcombed pony-tail, this outfit is perfectly comfortable for wandering around a Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum on a Saturday morning, which is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

From top left clockwise:

Rika Ashley Jumper in Red $248 – La Garconne ; Rika Yoko Bag in Camel €585 – Cabinet 206 ; Olivia Rose Gold Ring £250 – Lei Van Kash ; Lip Colour in Scarlet Rouge by Tom Ford £36 – Harrods ; Bea Wedge Coral Red Hi Top Trainer by Ash £169 available at Doyles Fashion ; ‘Skin of Toad’ Silk Scarf by Slices London £205 ; Art Print Short by Rika £140 – Harvey Nichols .

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