Today I’m Loving…Summer flats for happy feet.

As much as I love sandals and I don’t allow myself to dress for the weather, unless its winter, I can’t face exposing my little tootsies to the chilly air yet. I think that’s one step too far. I say that, yet a few of these lovely pairs of flat shoes which have made today’s selection are clearly an exception to this rule.

Since the death of my French Sole leopard print ballet pumps, I haven’t yet replaced them, so I’m missing an everyday flat shoe I can throw on with a pair of boyfriend, skinny jeans or denim cutoffs when the balmy days arrive. Clearly, you can’t do that with all these, because of the ankle straps on two of the pairs below, but I couldn’t bear not including these, because frankly, the Cheap Monday sandals in the middle are my absolute favourite of all of these pairs. Oh, The McQ pair of flaming peep toe flats are amazing, wouldn’t you agree? Definitely Prada inspired, non?

All these shoes can also be found at my Fashiolista page.

Top line from left to right:

Lou Lou – KG by Kurt Keiger £85 ; Tall & Tanned by Ballet Closet – £51.95 ; Verona Grey Espadrilles – Topshop £12 ;

Middle line from left to right:

Pretty Ballerinas by Biber – Kurt Geiger £130 ; Saviour Siannii Tan – Cheap Monday ; Jelly Shoes – Zara £29.99 

Bottom line from left to right:

Poet by China Girl – £30.95Marley Apple Print Espadrilles – ASOS £12 ; Flame Peep Toe Flat – McQ via Kurt Keiger £215

2 thoughts on “Today I’m Loving…Summer flats for happy feet.

  1. I Love the Missoni inspired flats from Nelly and what a great price! I agree about the flame peep toes as well. I’m a flats girl, I just can’t seem to manage heels anymore sadly so for me it has to be flats or wedges and I love your choices.

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