A visit to Doyles Designer Fashion

Yesterday, I visited Doyles in Woburn Sands, not too far from where I live. Doyles is a designer clothing store stocking some beautiful pieces by names such as Isabel Marant, Diane Von Furstenberg, Acne and Paul Smith, to name only a few. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was in trouble. There, hanging in front of me on the rail, whispering my name saying ‘Touch me, try me on, take me home, you know you want to’ were the most chic pieces of Carven I’ve laid my eyes on. The atelier of Carven has been around since 1945, started by Madame Carmen De Tommaso. Now, with Guillaume Henry creating designs for the house of Carven, formerly of Givenchy fame, their clothing has entered a new exciting stage of fashion, epitomising modern French ladylike chic .

I succumbed to trying on the skirt but had to shout, or rather beg at the devil on my shoulder NO MORE, PLEASE! I don’t think I would have been able to try on all the Carven items and walk away in one piece. The skirt was so well tailored. It was heavy, had tucks and pleats in all the right places with modern pockets slipped discreetly into the side seams. Believe me, you would have found it hard to hang this heavy-with-quality skirt back up. Thankfully, I didn’t have to, because the lovely, friendly, singing-from-the-same-hymn-sheet Natasha did that for me. I also spotted the Isabel Marant section on the clothing rail, a core favourite of mine and she never disappoints. I must admit I was slightly pleased they didn’t have my size in the Snake print silk-georgette trousers because I feared for another little piece of my heart being taken away should I have had the pleasure of trying them on and wanting to sneak them into my wardrobe. The other piece I did try on was a shirt by Goat, a British brand started quite recently, in fashion years, in 2001 known more for their luxury knitwear. The shirt was the perfect fit. The sleeves had those billowy cuffs which consistently flatter and the neckline was perfect for me. I left the shop feeling torn up into pieces. Not only was I having a chubby day, I must also wait patiently until pay day before strolling out of the shop with a small purchase. But don’t worry. When I do, you’ll be the first to know what I chose.

Thank you Victoria, Natasha & Melissa for the coffee, the perusing of your heavenly store and for our chats about nail polish and Miss Marant – I’ll be back soon!

I also had my eye on these beautiful shirts, both would look ba-na-nas with white skinny jeans and a pair of tan Chloe sandals.

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