Today I’m Wearing….Summer Clothes.

Dress – French Connection on eBay ; Utility Jacket – Zara ; Boots – River Island on eBay ; Watch – DKNY ; Bracelets – Miss Selfridge, Mulberry, Accessorize & DIY ; Earrings – A gift.

Today’s outfit reveals two things. 1. I will not let the weather stop me wearing what I should be wearing at this time of year. 2. My eBay obsession is becoming apparent.

For heavens’ sake, its late Spring but feels like March or October. Yes, talking about the weather is a total bore but the longer the heavy skies hang over our heads, the longer our winter wardrobes remain in place. On the plus side, this means more new winter clothes in October because by the time Autumn arrives, they’ll all be worn out.

This French Connection dress, an eBay win, is perfect for this time of year. It’s light cotton, but its lined and has long puffy sleeves. Underneath my Zara Utility Jacket, this outfit works really well for cooler, grey days. I wasn’t cold this morning when I stepped out  to take the children to school, with bare legs again. I guess my River Island boots I also won on eBay helped with that. These boots were the last attempt to find a pair of brown or black distressed ankle boots. I lost out on two pairs of Cuban heels which coincidentally were both River Island. I wasn’t looking for River Island boots but they seem to specialise in rough, beaten up looking footwear which was pretty close to what I wanted. Ideally, I wanted an old beaten up pair of vintage boots, but I don’t think eBay is the place for these kinds of boots as I found none. Anyway, the ones I’m wearing today look good with skinny jeans and bare legs and hopefully by the end of the Summer, I’ll have a pair of legs I’d be happy to wear shorts with these boots too.

5 thoughts on “Today I’m Wearing….Summer Clothes.

  1. I totally love this outfit – it’s summer yes because of the dress but winter with the boots – totally perfect match for the UK weather right now

  2. What a great outfit V! I don’t blame you at all for rebelling and getting your summer stuff on – albeit a version hat can still deal with the stupid rain!

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