Trend : Tie-Dye Jeans

Image via Raspberry Rouge

I have a feeling the tie-dye bandwagon is filling up fast, and I am the latest person to buy myself a ticket. I’m not sure if I should blame Camille from Camille Over The Rainbow, or Jess Stein from Tuula for this one, but I have been curiously drawn in by the Isabel Marant Tie-Dye Jeans phenonemon. Isabel Marant is a super-cool brand, which, in my opinion, is the reason for her key season items to sell out quicker than a French President can be re-elected. Last season, her Suede Dicker Booties and Renell Skinny Jeans were the items in question. Sold out everywhere. But seen on everyone.

This season, its Isabel Marant’s Tie Dye Jeans. I have no clue how many pairs were made or sold, but you can’t get them, even if you do have the money. They haven’t actually been photographed on many people either, strangely. In my hunting, I’ve found Elle McPherson, Elin King, Jess Stein & Caroline Blomst, three out of four are fashion bloggers.

Jess Stein of Tuula

Caroline Blomst of Carolines Mode

Elin Kling of Style By Kling

Elle McPherson via Denim Blog

These jeans aren’t a trend I thought I would like. I’ve never been a massive fan of tie-dying but whether its the fact that these jeans are so rarely available or that I simply just love them, I am officially hooked. They don’t need to be worn with anything but a white t-shirt and sandals or ankle boots, they sing their own song without any accompaniment required, just as everyone has done in these images here.

Zara has stocked their own version, as have Paige but they’re not quite the same as Isabel Marant’s. They don’t cut it with the same edge. Plus, they’re also sold out, surprise, surprise!

Caroline Blomst modelling Zara’s Tye Dye Jeans for their PEOPLE! feature.

Even if the Isabel Marant jeans (Elle McPherson’s would be my chosen colourway) were re-stocked, I don’t quite have the pennies at the moment to invest plus, they are such a big trend and not a style staple, who knows if they will re-appear in another season. So, instead, I will be following Camille’s DIY instructions because these jeans will be part of my wardrobe, for sure. I simply adore them.

3 thoughts on “Trend : Tie-Dye Jeans

  1. I didn’t think I would like them but actually I love the way Elle McPherson is wearing them. I look forward to seeing your DIY versions.

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