The Power of Inspiration

Today, I came across this notebook, tucked away in the back of a very long drawer, which I started to collect images from magazines in, about 12 years ago. After looking through it, I felt exactly the same looking at the images as I did all those years ago, which I found intriguing. Am I one of those people who is now stuck in a time warp, or have these images genuinely not dated? I’m hoping its the latter, of course, and that I am gracefully, seamlessly moving with the times. If it really is the case that these images haven’t dated, then the person styling these models, was dressing them with style, rather than fashion, because as we know, fashion dates. But then, fashion can be modernised too. So perhaps thats the case?

The three images above of Fernanda Tavares, looking at them now, the way they’ve been photographed and styled, to me, look like they could have been taken 100 years ago, without the highlighted inner corners of the eyes of course. They look almost Tahitian, Fijian, from a remote island in the South Pacific. The clothing isn’t high fashion, its classic styling and the model looks like a local South Pacific beauty. I’m always drawn to images with a raw, gritty edge. Smudgy dark make-up, loose, messy hair, plenty of heavy rings and necklaces, or flowers in this case which is exactly why I loved these images and still love them today.

This image of Adriana Lima above, hasn’t dated. Again, it’s because of classic styling. It’s not classic in a tweed suit sense. But classic in a stylish sense. The skirt isn’t embellished with hippie-sunshines with curly sun rays shining from it. The jewellery is simple. The colours are complementary. And in fact, the skirt part of this dress, is pretty similar to my new Zara maxi skirt (and I really do think turquoise looks especially stunning with this dusty pink).

Even Erin Wasson has ombre dip-dyed hair, proving that really, not alot changes in fashion. Nothing is ‘new’, simply modernised.

I think this image is a good example of classic styling with a dated hat. The images above could have been taken yesterday, but this image is dated by the 90’s hat. If they’d picked a trilby, I don’t think it would have dated at all. Oh, and maybe those shoes are a little 90’s.

And what dates this image is the bag. It made me shudder a little.

My study wall, a little inspiration corner.

I think we’ve reached a point, in fashion, where everything is freer. The style rule boundaries are blurred, I suppose there are no rules. Wear florals and stripes. Wear neon yellow cycling shorts and a slubby knitted sweater. Some looks will date, others won’t. I actually put alot of the ‘dating’ bit down to hair and make-up. Back in the eighties, of course, hair and make-up were mostly shocking and immediately identifiable with a sharp intake of breath and a sigh ‘Oh, that must’ve been the 80’s’. Today, with highlighters and modern versions of old products like liquid eyeliner, we can recreate the 60’s cat-eye flick with a modern, more polished feel and therefore less able to age in the same way Neneh Cherry’s make up might have done. With long hair around the shoulders in beachy waves, its a hairstyle that was around in the 60’s, 70’s and is still around now.

I meant to write this post about inspiration, about what inspires style, what influences us to put an outfit together and why…but through a strange stream of consciousness, it seems to have turned into a post about ephemeral fashion and enduring style. I don’t mind that, I hope you don’t either.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Inspiration

  1. Loving the look of your old notebook, it is a weird feeling getting a flash back into your past mindsets, if it comes to fashion, inspiration or just general mindset 🙂

  2. Interesting post!=)
    I guess style is style no matter how long has passed.
    And about fashion: besides all the “new trends” that we keep on bringing up, we can change and tweak it a little bit but we simply can’t reinvent the wheel.

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