Forget your wet-weather blues with

Blue isn’t a new trend. I remember it from last year and I didn’t like it. However last years blue was electric. This years blue is cobalt, which is warmer and friendlier. And, this year, I approve. What with Chanel’s Denim nail colours becoming part of their permanent Le Vernis collection due to its success last year, and Millie Mackintosh gracefully wearing Theory’s Cobalt Open Knit Sweater recently, it’s likely to be a recurring theme. And seeing as though our skies are not yet a shade of blue we’d prefer for the month of May, why not check Nelly’s range of blues, which are definitely more likely to brighten your day. Relatively new to the UK, the probability of Nelly becoming a prime-competitor for ASOS is high. If you want it, they have it. And this isn’t a case of Jack-of-all-trades, more a case of why go elsewhere, when you can get it all in one place. Here’s my selection of warm blues that I’m loving from Nelly.

Clockwise from top left :

1. Katie Chiffon Top – £28.95

2. Kissy Coloured Skinnies – £40.95

3. Fillipa K Stone Necklace – £50.95

4. Nelly Trend Ottoman Sweater – £41.95

5. Deborah Lippmann ‘Across The Universe’ Nail Polish – £18.95

6. Savon De Marseille ‘Soap Mediterranee’ – £16.50

7. Friis & Company Hot Wallet – £33.95

8. Ada Ring – £13.95

9. Nelly Cobalt Shoes – £35.95

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