Millie Mackintosh Wears…Theory, Louboutin & Aspinal

Over the weekend, I had dinner with my lovely friend Aimee. She’s super-stylish, super-beautiful, super-friendly and just all round super. After three hours of one-hundred-mile-a-minute catching up, we inevitably ended up talking about clothes, what we’ve been buying, what we would love to buy next (this is a bottomless answer). She asked me if I knew where Millie Mackintosh might have bought her Cobalt blue sweater from, and unfortunately, I had no answer because, shamefully, Millie had dropped off my fashion-radar and I hadn’t seen the jumper in question. Anyway, after not alot of hunting, we found the jumper and that is what inspired me to write this post. Millie looks very chic in this outfit when she was photographed recently, but then, she always looks chic, so thats kind of a silly thing to say. Anyway, seeing as though I don’t currently have three-hundred and five gold coins to spend on a sweater at the moment, I curiously squirrelled around for an alternative high-street version. And here are the results. I hope you like….

Buy Millie’s Look : 

Theory Open Knit Jumper

Avedon skinny jeans by Citzens of Humanity at Selfridges

Aspinal Berkeley Bag  

Louboutin Trotolita Wedges

Buy The High-Street Look :

Cable-Knit Jumper from Hennes

‘Natalia’ Skinny Jeans from Oasis

Bag from Fiorelli

Black Leather Wedges from ASOS

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