My latest jewellery obsession : Sushilla

I love stumbling on websites which turn me into a sweaty-palmed, wide-eyed obsessive. When it happens, its like receiving a syringe of adrenalin straight into the leg (not that I would know about this, so I can only ponder this and hope that I don’t, one day, need this kind of treatment). I don’t know how it happened, I can’t remember, it must’ve been via Twitter, but I do remember thinking that Sushilla jewels was literally perfect for me in every way. Raw, rough-edged, almost uncut gemstones set into silver and gold, oversized and chunky. If I were to design jewellery, this is what I would come out of the end of my pencil.

Tallulah Aqua Drusy Pendant 

Tallulah Smithsonite Pendant

I love its simplicity. I love its rawness. It’s so striking, so simple, yet so unique. I honestly haven’t seen anything like this jewellery that I have been this enamoured with for a very long time. 

Tallulah Pink Drusy Bangle

Tallulah Smithsonite Bangle

Coincidentally, in my pocket today, I found sea-softened pieces of glass which I picked up from Readymoney Beach on our holiday a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always picked up these from beaches, they’re like mystical watery treasures (even though they’re probably pieces of old milk bottle which have been washed up and down the beach, totally losing the romantic tale attached to them in my mind) and thinking about it now, they have alot in common with the semi-precious stones set into these pieces of jewellery. 

Tallulah Cocktail Rings

SuShilla sell a variety of collections of jewellery, but the Tallulah range is definitely my favourite, purely for the presentation of the semi-precious stones in their raw, beautiful, unadulterated state. Take a look at their website here : Sushilla  and you can also follow them on Twitter here.

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