My First Press Day with Push PR

When I started my blog, without wishing to sound like a cliche, it was a hobby. An outlet for my overactive, keen creative mind. Since I stopped working, I must admit I feel I lost some of my identity, which wasn’t easy, since it’s the third time I’ve felt like this since having two children. Life changes, circumstances change and we must change with it. We have no choice. As someone with a creative mind, its essential to be able to channel it into somewhere, to avoid feeling stifled and frustrated. My previous blog, Lovebird Stationery, was my first attempt at this, and as much as I loved it, I felt I burnt myself out. I lost my drive. I put off starting a fashion blog, because of the amount of amazing blogs already out there, I wasn’t sure there was room for me. But I’m also a strong believer that we can all offer something a little different, and I hope that’s what I offer. I share what I love, what widens my eyes and makes my pulse race. And sharing, as I’m always reiterating to my two little babies, is very important. It feels good to share, especially when you know its appreciated. When I went to Paris in February, during Fashion Week, I realised that my blog is what I love to do. I think about it alot, a little too much sometimes, and it can get me into trouble (if dinner isn’t made because I’m wandering around the kitchen looking at the ceiling aimlessly and endlessly dreaming about Chanel) but its a piece of me. Not only that, its all mine. It belongs to no-one else but me and that feels GOOD!

Anyway, enough of this emotional nonsense….what I’m trying to get around to telling you is that when I started my blog, I never dreamt I would be invited to anything like a Press Day, and yesterday, that is exactly where I went. Amanda, The Online Stylist, kindly invited me along with her, to the Push PR Press Day at the shiny W Hotel at Leicester Square, and of course, without hesitating, I kindly bit her hand off accepted. I also met B from A Girl, A Style, who I’ve been a long time fan of. I was under some warped illusion that the PR world was full of oozy-schmoozy empty compliments but I was seriously mistaken with Push. They are the nicest bunch of people, genuinely promoting brands they believe in. So, they too share the passion and without passion, ultimately you have nothing and you simply blend into the bleak, bland greyness of the world. 

Someone far from grey was the very lovely Sara Ebbett. Sara is an extremely talented designer with a background in interior design. With her transferrable skills and savvy attitude, she has made her way to London and Paris Fashion Weeks showing her beautiful hand-illustrated pure wool silks blend scarves. Uniquely blending botanical line-drawings with soft hazy skulls, Sara’s scarves tell a story. Her latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012 is themed around The Forgotten Garden…stag beetles and little blue butterflies feature in other scarf designs, but I must say the skulls were my favourite, simply because of their unique and individual style. And at 1m 30 cm square, these scarves are huge yet as light as a feather, due to the quality of the wool silk blend woven in one of Northern Italy’s finest textile mills. 

One of the lovely Push ladies modestly modelling the Chrysanthemum Sara Ebbett scarf.

Jewellery always catches my eye. Always, always, always. So when I came across Alice Menters designs, I was sold. At first, her jewellery looks sleek, chunky and statement. But on further inspection, you’ll see that her designs are made up of luxe industrial metals, or rather hex nuts, zips, washers and nuts (as in nuts and bolts!) So they really are a statement piece. Each piece is handmade in the UK and all materials are either gold or silver plated. Due to the quantity and regularity of the materials used for each item, the jewellery take on a chain-mail appearance, losing any rough industrial edge and becoming feminine, smooth and contemporary. Here are my favourites.

Thank you to Amanda and everyone at Push PR for hosting a great event yesterday….I hope to see you again, very soon.

P.s Sorry for no posts last week….I was away on holiday. I’ll do my best to make it up to you!

P.p.s There’ll be more to come on this press day!

2 thoughts on “My First Press Day with Push PR

  1. I love your post! I got invited to a press day recently (my first) and I felt so special. I’m sad I didn’t have a super cool friend to go with but perhaps next time I will !

    I really like your blog – open, honest and friendly!

    If you ever need a +1 from a nice friendly person (that’s me!!) I would happily get excited with you at the next event!


  2. Hello! I just discovered your blog via Camille (over the Rainbow). And reading this article has rung several bells in my little brain ! I have similar feelings. Some fashion bloggers are ending doing a job out of it, with a strong commercial side. I think that everyone needs a chance to express their tastes. Even if it’s with small means. Good to discover your blog ! Have a nice day , Françoise.

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