Skincare Favourites

I love skincare more than cosmetics. They’re not hard to use in the way cosmetics can be.  I love the way luxurious oils and balms make my skin feel when applying them and the following morning. Finding skincare products to suit you and your routine are all about trial and error and I’m happy to try everything on the market. My favourite products are lesser known ones, those that you find tucked away in a health food shop or in a French pharmacy, especially when they’re half the price of ones our major pharmacies. Don’t get me wrong, I also love using rich L’Oreal creams for their scent and the way they brighten my skin, but these days, I favour alternative products, like facial oils and serums. I have yet to splurge on Creme De La Mer but it will happen one day, since I’ve never heard a bad review of the product. I’m not a beauty blogger, nor am I skincare expert, but I do know what I like so I wanted to share my current favourite products with you and hope that you may share your favourite products with me, because I’m always keen to try new products!

From left to right in the above picture, I bought the three Sanctuary products this week after I saw them on offer and I was tempted by the facial cleansing oil which made me buy all three. I haven’t used the Sanctuary Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser yet, as I used the other exfoliating product this week (so this isn’t yet a favourite so I’m cheating with this one!)

The Sanctuary Ultimate Cleansing Oil is a clever product. You massage a small amount over your dry skin, then use a small amount of water to emulsify it, and then wash it off. It takes make-up off and cleanses your skin (I do it twice). It smells delicious and unlike soap-foaming based cleansers, actually feels like its working because it doesn’t dry your skin out in any way at all. 

The Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream smells heavenly, which is always important for me. I’d say it is formulated in between a cream and a lotion and so far, so good. I rotate this product with the Tisserand Sweet Almond Oil, since the oil can be too rich for every night.

Le Blanc De Chanel, is definitely classed as a cosmetic product rather than skincare, but I thought I would include it as my skincare favourites because I do feel it improves the look of my skin. I suppose the reason for that is because its an illuminating product, however since I bought it, the tone of my skin seems to have become slightly more brighter, more radiant, even when not wearing it. It may not be this product’s results, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a dewy (or sweaty as my little girl calls it) complexion. I can’t see myself going back to the matt skin look again, since I’m now 33 and anything matt on my skin makes me look 10 years older.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Cream is luscious in every way! I know lots of people don’t, but I love heavy creams, they feel more like a balm on my skin and I love the way this product smells. It is literally like sitting under a Tuscan orange grove. This cream can be used day or night but since I’m using the rose cream and the almond oil at the moment, I’m using it as a day cream. It sits nicely under my foundation, it doesn’t rub off with my foundation into those annoying mini sausages which happens sometimes, it sinks in perfectly. I’ve found, again, that it looks, at the moment, like its improving the overall tone of my skin but that could be because its a new product and my skin is responding to it….I think its more important that it performs over time, but I might be wrong about that!

For Christmas, the husband bought me a Molton Brown cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I’ve never been much of a cleanser, in terms of using something you apply then wipe off. I’ve always used wipes, but since listening to Lisa Eldridge talk about her dislike of them, I’ve given them up and now cleanse using a proper cleanser and toner and I’ve noticed a huge difference. Wipes can drag your skin, so using cotton wool and a good gel or cream cleanser dramatically reduces this. Even if you wash your face in the shower/bath, its still important to cleanse and tone your skin again afterwards. The first cleanse removes make-up and grease and grime and the second cleanse actually benefits your skin. Toning helps reduce pore-size and improve the overall condition and frankly, now I can’t do without toning. I love the way it makes my skin feel refreshed and ready for moisturising.

Finally, the Santuary Warming Micro Brasion Polish. I love this product, as soon as you start massaging it onto your face, you can feel it working. It warms up quickly, the particles slough away all those dead skin cells which need removing for a bright complexion and after its been rinsed off, my skin doesn’t feel dry or like I need to moisturise immediately, it feels smooth and new. Again, I’ve only used it once so time will tell, but I’m liking it alot it so far. Previously, I was using the Dermalogica Daily Exfoliator which I liked, but personally, it was too fine to feel like it was making a difference. I’m sure it was, but I’m impatient and prefer a more grainy exfoliator used less frequently. 

All the information here is what I’ve read about, picked up over time and learned for myself. It won’t be the same for everyone and I’m not even sure I’m always accurate but we can always rely on Lisa Eldridge to put us right. She is like the Oracle when it comes to skincare and beauty and there’s no way I’d try to compete with her, I wouldn’t want to….she already does it so well and has had so much experience in the industry. If you’ve not yet seen her video tutorials, take a look here. I promise you’ll never look back!

Whats your favourite skin care product? Would you recommend it?

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