Today I’m Wearing…New Converse, Zara goodies and a new neon bag.

How lucky are we here in Old Blighty to finally have some sunshine? I don’t think I have ever looked forward to changing our clocks back as much as I have this year. I don’t care that we lost an hour, I’d rather wake up at 6 o’clock any day of the week to have some extra light in the evenings. I feel like a shiny new pin! Which will probably explain why when I went shopping yesterday with le husband, I was drawn to all the bright pastels and neon limey-yellows currently on our high streets.

I’ve been wanting some Converse All Star Lite trainers for sometime now, and when I saw them in Aruba Blue, I knew they were the ones for me. I bought mine here from Office. So easy to wear, they look amazing with a maxi skirt, skinny jeans or a lace skirt. Of course they dress down an outfit but in the most laid-back way and the colour of these in turquoise is so fresh and clean.

The jacket I bought from TRF for Zara (similar one here). It’s perfect to wear at this time of year with jeans, or a pretty dress and so comfy! When I picked up this floral scarf (similar here), it was between this one and a zebra print one. As much as I love animal print, I thought I’d go with the floral theme. Although I don’t normally go for florals since they can be either too girly or too grown-up but on this scarf, the prettiness contrasts well with the tough jacket and love the way they work together. For a striking and clashing finishing touch to this little ensemble, I knew this bag would work. I actually was looking out for a baby pink shoulder bag, ideally the Celine Box Bag, but since I am not yet rolling in cash, I went for the cheaper option with this Clarks faux leather bag. Buy it here. It has lovely detail, it fits the essentials in nicely and is a beautiful shade of neon lime, one of my all time favourite colours. This bag will see me nicely through the spring and summer and will no doubt be in use next year too. With 20% off, it was a mere £16 – an offer I surely could not pass up.

What do you think to neon brights and florals? Will you be wearing these trends?  I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “Today I’m Wearing…New Converse, Zara goodies and a new neon bag.

  1. Hello there! I came across your blog via The Online Stylist which I absolutely love and now I love yours too!! You’ve just found me my perfect jacket – I’ve been looking for something like that (without knowing what I was actually looking for until you just showed me!) So, I shall head on down to Zara and see if I can pick me one up. Looking forward to following you! x

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