Hotel Aviatic

Although I had been pretty much hoping to go to Paris during Fashion Week since November last year, I had come to the conclusion it was unlikely I was going to get there for one reason or another. Until the Wednesday of the week we went. The husband said he’d forgotten that I’d said I would have liked to have gone to Paris that weekend approaching, but over dinner that evening, he dropped into conversation that he’d been looking at hotels and travel to get to Paris that day and would I like to go? Um. Well. Yes. Yes please. (thats polite for ‘ARE YOU INSANE? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? DO BEARS POOP IN THE WOODS? YES OF COURSE I’D LIKE TO GO. DUH) And that was that. 

And this is the hotel my lovely husband picked. 

It was perfect. It was quiet, comfortable and so beautiful inside. In the breakfast room, the walls were covered with old posters from museums and a Parisian opera house, which was a really clever wallpapering idea, I was totally mesmerised over breakfast, where they even served those beautiful, bright, delicate Macarons. 

Here’s how the hotel describes its history:

“Wood panelling, marble, parquet floors and a treasure trove of antique furniture all serve as a reminder that this is a building with a history: this was once the home of the Marquise de Maintenon, and the house where she raised the children of Madame de Montespan and Louis XIV. Later, in 1912, the pioneering aviators from the Issy-les-Moulineaux airfield stayed at the hotel, which explains its name today.The many artists who forged the Montparnasse of the early 20th century also passed through its doors. If walls could talk…”

Apparently it was also a photographers studio in the late 19th century…and after watching Midnight in Paris only a couple of days earlier, I was half expecting, half hoping what happened in the film, to happen to us. Mais non. 

I was one lucky girl that beautiful weekend away.

Read more about the Hotel Aviatic here.


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