Video Interview with Glamour Magazine’s Susan Cernek

This morning, when I awoke from my near-death slumber, I switched my alarm off, prized my eyes open, drank a swig of hot tea my husband brought me, and reached for my phone like a wearing swimmer swimming front crawl, to see if there had been any blog action during the night. Weirdly, I had an abnormal number of hits on my blog. First of all, I thought nothing of it, perhaps just alot of people killing time? And then I remembered. It was like a lightbulb appeared over my head in an Ali McBeal style. Maybe….just maybe the interview with Susan Cernek from Glamour Magazine was used after all….and then I checked. I’m not going to be cool and aloof about this, because its not really my style. My heart was racing, my smile was trying its hardest to be bigger than it has ever been, my hands went clammy, my legs turned to jelly (well, more than the actual jelly that is there already). And this is why.

Click here to see the interview.

Being interviewed by Susan Cernek in itself was enough of a surreal experience, let alone my interview being used AND in the same 2 m 49 seconds as Karlie Kloss. I’m 33, but this is MENTAL. (Told you I wasn’t cool). This series of videos is so uniquely and professionally put together, it’s an honour to feature! Thank you, Glamour Magazine, for popping me into your video montage from Paris. I am eternally (uncool) grateful for the mention.

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