I Love Sunglasses

There is no denying a girl cannot have too many of anything in the wardrobe stakes, and sunglasses are no exception. I went out today wearing a pair of sunglasses and bought another pair, which were totally different. They were cheap, from H&M (shown above) and not like any others I already had. That’s my justification for my purchase. I’m sure compared with many other obsessives I don’t have many in comparison, but this micro-wardrobe will grow for sure.

Like anything else, they can totally change your look. They can make you look polished, or like you didn’t try too hard, or make you look like a festival-hunter, like a 50’s movie star or a 70’s siren, or like a geek. Whatever your look, there is a pair of sunnies to finish it off to perfection. They don’t have to cost alot, but of course its nice to own a lovely exuberantly priced pair of sunglasses. 

The glasses above I wear all the time. Not together, I’ll have you know, but with the right outfit. I’ve actually just realised I have two other pairs I missed out of the shot – a feline cat-eye pair and a cheap RayBan Wayfarer pair, which I just found in the house and I have no clue where they came from, but they’ve come in very handy and of course, are well-loved.

Et voila, the glasses in all their guises. Shown on me. Cheesy.


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