Green With Maxi-Skirt Envy

Looking over some old images this weekend, I came across this image of this amazing green maxi skirt from the Michael Kors SS11 collection and honestly, it’s started a frenzy inside my head. I need, not just want, but need this actual skirt. This is quite unlikely for a few reasons. It’s Michael Kors, for a start. eBay have none. And it’s last years collection.

This is going to sound a bit over the top but the reason I love maxi skirts is for their movement. They’re so feminine, ethereal and laid-back. They can be worn in so many different ways. With a long cardigan. With a leather biker jacket. With a denim jacket. With a long-sleeve t-shirt. With a short sleeve t-shirt. With a rolled-up sleeve blazer. With a bikini top. 

See what I mean? They all work so well together, right? I simply adore all these images of maxi-skirts, especially the bright ones. So, this is why I need one in my life.

I had a little hunt around and disappointingly, there aren’t any maxi skirts around at the moment that I really like. Apart from these beautiful out-of-my-league ones. I’m tempted to make myself one, however, if you spy a khaki green maxi skirt under £50, be sure to give me a nod. 

Alberta Ferreti Printed silk-chiffon maxi skirt – no longer available


Giambattista Valli Printed silk-chiffon maxi skirt


Etro Abstract Maxi Skirt from Far Fetch

Streetstyle images via Pinterest.

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