Paris Fashion Week A/W 2012 : Fashion Lovers Love Paris

What was clearer than crystal about the crowds drawn to Paris during fashion week was that these people, whether they are spectators or participators or passers by, are passionate about fashion and style. They don’t care how they are perceived. They dress the way they want to because they can and because they want to. And I am totally inspired by this attitude. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, you do your best to look your best. Why not? There’s no reason not to. It makes you feel better. It doesn’t have to cost anything more than a charity shop spree or a crafty DIY project in your living room. It doesn’t matter where the clothes come from. If you want to wear them, and they reflect your personality and you feel confident, comfortable (or not) and happy, then do what you want. Besides the rule of ‘be yourself’,  there are no rules!

Fur was everywhere.

These colours are so perfect, I want to eat them. One of my favourite photos from my trip.

This girl could wear a hessian sack and still look amazing.

Totally adore the military jacket with the feminine lace top and semi-sheer maxi skirt. The colours are so perfectly balanced. 

This stylish lady, Ceylan Antinc of Marie Claire Turkey, is also plastered over streetstyle photography websites. It’s clear why.

So chic and polished, I love this look. Very sweet, gracious lady.

The Celine Boston bag of the moment.

Totally love these trousers and the sleek, monogrammed, patchwork bag.

Awesome! Unsurprisingly, this girl’s photo is all over streetstyle blogs. And this is my version!

All photos are my own.

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