The Capsule Wardrobe : Chapter 1 – Shoes

When I first decided I was going to write a post on the capsule wardrobe, I set about with a little notebook and pen and started to make a list of what I considered essential pieces that would make up this collection. I soon realised that this is no easy task. Should I have an autumn/winter caspule and a spring/summer collection? Or do I have an all-year round collection? What is a capsule collection? What in God’s name am I on about now?

First of all, lets define what a capsule collection is. I consider it to be essential, quality items of clothing which construct the bones of your wardrobe. These items of clothing can be all worn together, not at the same time of course, mixed and matched. I don’t think there should be a specific number of items which make up this capsule wardrobe, because its all about personal preference. I also don’t think that accessories should be part of the capsule, since these are not essential. Accessories enhance a look, but they don’t make up the basis of it, though there are days where I wear something because I want to wear a particular necklace, so I base the outfit around a necklace or a statement pair of earrings. 

According to an article written in The Telegraph

A capsule wardrobe is nothing more than a collection of clothes that work well together, but can be worn in different ways to service multiple occasions. It really takes the pain out of deciding what to wear. There’s nothing more boring than having to start from scratch every day.”

That sums it up perfectly. Aaaand no mention of accessories. See. I told you. 

Items picked for your capsule wardrobe should be the best you can afford. So, if indigo flared jeans are something you would consider to be a core part of your wardrobe, then hunt down the best quality and the best fit. Don’t buy them too small. Don’t worry about what size the label says. If you used to be a 10, and now you’re a 12, don’t buy a pair of jeans which are a size 10. We all know (or we all very-well should know) that ill-fitting jeans can make you look bigger than you actually are, as can jeans which are too big. Take a friend shopping with you, one who you know will offer constructive critical advise and you won’t be upset or offended. It doesn’t matter if the jeans that fit you in Topshop or Gap are bigger than you would normally buy, you want them to look good and fit comfortably. If you’re uncomfortable, then it will show, and then it will affect your self-confidence, and then you need to forget about your wardrobe and stay at home, because if you have no confidence, then what’s the point! (I’m talking from experience, by the way.)

Capsule wardrobe items are timeless. They’re not fashionable. They’re stylish and fashion and style are two very different things. My personal style legend, Coco Chanel once famously said “Fashion passes, style remains.” Neon is hugely on trend right now, and if you haven’t yet seen it, you will. It splash of neon yellow on a pair of earrings peeking out from behind heaps of glossy brown curls can look amazing. But its not something I’ll be wearing, I don’t think. Only because its not my kind of thing and perhaps, only for the brave. However, florals are also on trend, but florals are different because they’re more wearable, they come back every year and in fact, you can wear florals all year round, in some shape or other. I like trends and we’d miss them if they weren’t there, because they provide variety, but style is definitely a better route to follow. Some people may say style is too ‘safe’ but that’s the beauty of freedom of opinion! We wear what we’re comfortable in, and what suits us best.

When I was writing my list of capsule items, it was seemingly endless. And with an outerwear and shoe dysfunction, this was the trickiest part. So, I came to the conclusion that rather than put it all in one blog post, I would break it up into chapters. So working from the bottom up, the first is shoes. I’ve picked these shoes bearing in mind the rest of the capsule wardrobe. I know or I feel I know that these shoes will look amazing with what I’ve picked for the rest of the capsule collection. Also, I’ve picked a range of shoes that are more works of collectors art and then a second range of shoes that are alot more within our reach, because as always, there’s no harm in dreaming.

These shoes are neutral in colours, they are a balance of classics, the ballet pump and modern classics, the pistol boot and most importantly, they can be worn in a whole realm of ways. As these posts unfold, you will see how they can slot in easily with many different pieces of clothing. These shoes are also cross-seasonal….some will work only in summer, as others will only work in winter, whereas the remaining will overlap and see you through all seasons.

Top Row from left : 

Tory Burch Reva leopard-print calf hair ballet flats £160.87 from Net-A-Porter

Repetto BB Leather Ballet Flats £133.33 from Net-A-Porter

See By Chloe Leather Sandals £158.33 from Net-A-Porter

Chloe Leather Wedge Sandals £450 from Net-A-Porter

Bottom Row from left: 

Miu Miu Leather Pumps £329.17 from Net-A-Porter

Chloe Stitched leather knee boots £812.50 from Net-A-Porter

Acne Pistol Leather  Ankle Boots £295.83 from Net-A-Porter

Jimmy Choo Tema crystal-embellished satin and suede sandals £654.17 from Net-A-Porter


Top Row from left : 

Topshop Koko Soft Leather Ballet Pumps £40

Miss KG Lola Leopard Ballet Pumps £30 from ASOS

Topshop Houpla Leather Strap Sandals £18

Topshop Whippet Cross Strap Wedges £45

Bottom Row from left:

Zara Leather Court Shoe £39.99

Zara High Heel Cowboy Ankle Boots £49.99

Nine West Doetzen3 Dress Sandals £140


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