Marni for H&M

Marni was founded not that long ago in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni and, with similarities to Missoni, has remained in the family since then. Immediately recognisable by their bold, geometric prints and natural textures, Marni creates beautiful, wearable pieces of art to brighten up and a slice of sunshine into our wardrobes. On March 8th, Marni is launching their collaboration with H&M, enabling the brand to become more accessible to high-street shoppers and as a result, create a heightened brand awareness. 

Clockwise from the left : Printed Silk Scarf by Marni £175 from Net-A-Porter ; Leather Platform Sandals by Marni £380 from Net-A-Porter ; Brass, horn and resin necklace by Marni £420 from Net-A-Porter ; Printed Leather Clutch by Marni £440 from Net-A-Porter ; Gold Plated Half Spheres Bracelet by Marni £390 from Net-A-Porter.

In H&M’s press-release, they quoted, 

“Marni is a label that sticks to its own path, setting its own trends for print, cut and silhouette that are always playful and elegant. The Marni collection at H&M has all the freedom and experimentation for which the label is renowned, with all-over prints in strong colors all intended to be worn together in layers that both match and clash. Consuelo Castiglioni, Founder and Creative Director, wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by revisiting all the favorite pieces in signature fabrics and prints. “

Ok. That’s the serious introduction over with. I love Marni alot. I am a huge print lover. I am a huge Italian designer lover (Missoni, Gucci, Armani. Not a Versace fan). Therefore myself and Marni are a match made in heaven. 

Just to suck you into the already amazing collaboration, they’ve also created a promotional video with Sofia Coppola, which is definitely worth look here. The video is set in Marrakech in Morocco, and features Imogen Poots, who, I think, is perfect for the video. It’s styled with a 60’s/70’s vibe, which goes so well with the bright Marni prints, and I don’t know about you, but the accompanying ‘Avalon’ by Bryan Ferry fits with the atmosphere of the film like an iPhone in my hand.






















Images via H&M

 Marni for H&M launches 8th March in selected H&M stores.

For more information on the Marni brand, see NYMag’s bio here.

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